Boehner to Democrats:"Why do you fight over everything?"

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  1. Boehner Asks Angrily, 'Do We Have to Fight About Everything?'
    By John Parkinson | ABC OTUS News – 4 hrs ago

    House Speaker John Boehner delivered an impassioned speech today on the House floor in support of the GOP's legislation asking with a thump on the podium, "Do we have to fight about everything?"

    Several Democrats, all women, walked out in protest of the speaker's comments.

    Boehner, an Ohio Republican, blamed the Democrats for inventing a political fight over the extension of student loan interest rates when there is widespread agreement in Congress that the rates should not be permitted to double on July 1.

    "How in the world did we ever get here?" Boehner asked lawmakers. "Think about this: a fight being picked over an issue that everyone knew was going to be resolved; a fight being picked over an issue that there is no fight over.

    Democrats five years ago put this cliff in the law that would require student loan interest rates to more than double on July the 1 st.

    "I don't know why they did it, but they did it," he added. "Nobody wants to see student interest rates go up, especially when you got recent college graduates - 50 percent are either unemployed or underemployed as a result of the president's economic policies."

    "There is absolutely no fight," he said. "People want to politicize this because it's an election year, but my God do we have to fight about everything? And now we're going to have a fight over women's health. Give me a break."

    The GOP's bill on student loans took money from the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) for preventative health care services like mammograms and immunizations, and applied those savings to cover the $6 billion cost of the interest rate extension.
  2. This needs more exposure.

    I see two reasons.
    One is that this expected revenue 5 years later was used to help get a budget passed.

    Second reason may be to set a bomb in the middle of a reelection to help Democrats look like they care.
  3. Democrats are fast making the country ungovernable
  4. And Boehner doesn't understand why they have to fight over everything :confused: :confused: :confused:
  5. Lucrum


    I'm guessing this was the primary reason.