Boehner, Republicans Vote Against Economic Recovery

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  1. When zero Republicans voted for the economic stimulus package, and the same result is being threatened in the Senate, the message is clear: the Republicans are putting party first, the country second. It appears Boehner and his lockstep House gang are all following the Limbaugh Policy, which means they want President Obama to fail even if it comes at the cost of dragging the nation into a Great Depression. I guess Boehner wasn't paying attention to the voters last November when they said they are done with Bushonomics. This stupid gambit by Boehner will ensure the voters will make the Republicans an even smaller minority in the next election.
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    They would have voted for it if a big percentage of the bill wasn't a giant liberal spend fest. Half the money spent in it won't do a thing for short term relief. If it does revive the economy, they will remain the minority (which they most likely will, anyway), but if the giant bill does nothing, and taxes go up later to pay for it (which is inevitable), the blame will be solely on the dems.

    Perhaps the dems should be ashamed for putting so much pork in an "emergency" bill at a time of such dire need.
  3. Don't be so ignorant. Pelousi and the House wrote this bill in an office with only democrat members present.

    The house Democrats did not allow any Republican to be present nor did they offer to listen to any proposals form the other side.

    Its a mystery why Obama would allow this process to carry on.
    This is the democrats putting their interests first and country second. It also was embarrassing for Obama.
  4. You are probably right although I haven't read the news regarding your comments. Frankly I expected this to happen, Obama is the rock star, Pelosi and gang are going to make a fool out of the Prez. I hope Obama kicks some ass soon.
  5. Please. There is a reason why they all voted no - it's not going to a damn thing for our country.

    They know it and if the Democratic party, and all the liberals of the world, are so sure that this will work then they should be rejoicing in putting the republican party to shame.

    Obama knows damn well he sold the American people a bunch of bi-partisan crapola during the campaign and now he has a bill he's trying to shove down our throats with all the things he campaigned against, in it.
  6. Perhaps Stephen Colbert said it best last night: If the Republicans can't have the perfect stimulus package, then they'd rather have no economy at all. :D
  7. This is not a stimulus package. It's a blatant giveaway and payback to every democrat consituency imaginable. There are billions earmarked for ACORN and other far left groups. Obama is simply using the economic crisis to get a jump start on imposing socialism. of course, he can thank Bush and Paulson for preparing the ground for him.
  8. I am positive you have no idea what is even in the simulus package.

    Four people attack the actual package and you refer to a comedian when defending it. That really helps the stimulus argument on your side.

    You're a joke.
  9. For some reason, your partisanship conveniently ignores the fact that Obama met with House and Senate Republicans on Tuesday of this week.
  10. And what was his response, "I won".
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