Boehner, also a quasi progressive moron POS...

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  1. Championed the "Freedom to Farm Act".

    There he authored several reforms including the Pension Protection Act and a successful school choice program for low-income children in Washington, DC. He was also a major force in the passage of No Child Left Behind, saying it was his “proudest achievement” in two decades of public service.

    On October 3, 2008 Boehner voted in favor of the Troubled Asset Relief Program believing that the enumerated powers grant Congress the authority to "purchase assets and equity from financial institutions in order to strengthen its financial sector."
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    Would you like some cheese with that whine??? LOL!!!!! You lost! Screw you and your whole liberal faggot base!!!!!!!! :p :p :p
  3. I lost?? What are you talking about? The whole country lost.. They think the house is now "conservative". Boehner is a just a different brand of progressive slime. Idiots like you think you are "republican" but are too stupid to realize that it's all the same damn party... Some "conservative" voting for all children left behind, and TARP. Someone like you who supports TARP has no business calling anyone else "liberal".

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    The conservatives wouldn't support a socialist, Government takeover of our health care. The conservatives wouldn't support a health care bill that allows for Government bureaucrats to get in between them and their doctor.
    Democrats are all about wanting to control every move you make, because they feel your not intelligent enough to make your own choices, which for their supporters, I suppose that concept is obviously true!!!!!!!! Oh, how about $800 billion on a stimulus bill that has us at a 9.6% unemployment rate!!!!!! Obama has spent more taxpayer money in two years than Bush had spent in his entire eight years in office.
    Republicans are about allowing you the freedom to make your own choices and decisions in life, keeping taxes low, letting you live your life without the Government sticking it's nose in. The majority of America agrees with this, which is why the Demo'craps' took the mother of all bitch slaps in this election. Obama promised to govern from the center, but obviously hasn't, so it's payback time!!!!! 2010 was just the beginning. Come 2012, Obama and the Demo'crap' party will be close to extinction, and I'll sit back to enjoy every minute of it!!!!! :D :D :D
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    Tsing Tao

    while i agree with you that boehner better come to grips with the new style of politics he'd better be representing, the whole country most certainly gained from last night.

    you and your groupies lost.
  6. Obama was the biggest winner last night
  7. And who, pray tell, are my groupies?

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    After all that campaigning he did and the voters still threw is policies under the bus.

    Hey! I want groupies too.

  9. You are a stupid sheep. It's the same party. The only difference between bush and obama is healthcare. Bush started the bailouts, obama continued the war, on and on. Same party, stupid smoke and mirrors that the vast majority of useful idiots like you buy into again and again.

    Republicans are all about what? Stupid multi trillion dollars wars, on drugs or on "terror" which span decades? Republicans aren't all about giving me choices regarding my own personal freedom to do drugs or have a child. Republicans aren't all about securing the borders to my country to protect it from 3rd world parasites who are committing violent crimes at 4-5x the rate of the rest of americans, and taking jobs from americans in the face of double digit unemployment for nearly 2 years running.. Modern republicans are just a different nuance of incompetent fascists, but they are basically the same party. Most of you idiots just buy into the faux paradigm hook and sinker though.

    Most republicans don't want to make real progress, like x-ing the parasitic and counterproductive federal departments which bureaucrats have used to leach off the Americans for decades. The last republican administration tripled the size of the federal government, and you guys are still cheer leading for them like a bunch of 16 year old girls. The republican party have damned well better learned it's lesson or we're going to be going even further left in 2012...

    Rubio and Rand Paul were the only two significant victories. The only major relief is that now there wont be any amnesty bills or cap and trade bills which will pass...

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    Tsing Tao

    all your left wingnuts. including the dope who posted above you with the hilarious "obama won last night" statement.

    haha...he's a laugh-riot.
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