BOE May Edge Closer to Bond Purchases Today

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  1. Bank of England officials may edge close to reactivating emergency bond purchases today as they gauge whether budget cuts and a European debt crisis warrant the first increase in stimulus in two years.

    HSBC Holdings Plc’s Janet Henry and Societe Generale SA’s Brian Hilliard are among 11 economists predicting an expansion of bond purchases. The rest in a Bloomberg News survey of 32 forecasts say that policy makers led by Mervyn King will refrain from adding stimulus for now. Barclays Capital economist Simon Hayes says the bank will restart so-called quantitative easing when officials have new forecasts next month.

    “It’s a question of when, not if,” said Neil Mackinnon, an economist at VTB Capital in London and a former U.K. Treasury official, who predicts the bank will buy bonds today. “Markets and the global economy are in a precarious state and the situation has escalated. Whether central banks have the luxury of waiting is very debatable.”

    Yep, everybody is so keen about the so called "European debt" crisis, 99,9% of "market participants" forget generously about UK´s large problems...