Boca Raton pro firms with in house mentors or strategies?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by islandinthesun, May 3, 2004.

  1. I have been trading using my own methods with my own capital since mid 2000. In the last year, my discipline went out the door as my strategy began to lose the edge that had I enjoyed for the first few years. I let things get pretty bad and lost a lot of my capital.

    After taking some time off, I am interested in finding an office in my area (Boca) with a program or strategy to help someone like myself get back to profitability. Any ideas or suggestions?


    PS (I have not been on this board in a couple of years and I have long since forgotten my username/password - sorry to make this first post a request for help).
  2. i had a similar post a few months ago, and was told of prop firms in boca: bright, schonfeld, redwood(ft laud), barkley, e-trade professional. there are 3 firms in the amtrust building(behind cheescake factory) on glades near the mall(including e-trade).
  3. Check the website for more info

    I think they have an office there and it's run by a guy named Andy. I don't know if they will do any ''mentoring'' but I hear he's a very good trader.

    I've been dealing with Greentree for about 8 months now and will probably move some other stuff over to them too because I think some of the partnerships they have made have been good. They're also improving with age.

    Disclaimer: I do not recruit for Greentree or receive any fee for promoting them. I've been a member on ET for almost 4yrs...if I use a service that sucks I will say so. And if they do the right thing I give them their props. I'm going to eat some pizza now so if you IM me about anything give me a minute to get back to you. Please don't PM me about my personal rates or buying power.

    Trade Well.
  4. I know for a fact that Schonfeld (now Opus Trading), Generic and E*Trade don't have any official training programs going on right now but there are a few guys here and there that will offer to "train" traders for a piece of their P/L and or commissions. Obviously some are better than others and your mileage will vary. If you go this route I would make sure that they can prove that have made consistent P/L dating back more than a few years and confirm that their styles mesh with yours before committing to anything.

    Welcome back and good luck....
  5. thanks for the ideas
  6. Glad to be of service...