Boca Raton, Florida Area

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  1. Hi,

    Does Boca Raton have some sort of "Trading Club"?

  2.'s called Schoenfeld !:D
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    any recom for good food, I will be there for couple of days in April

  4. NY PRIME BABY!!!!!!!!!

    Also, if you are single, go to "THE COVE" on friday night for happy hour.....unbelieveable!

    ..DAKOTA"S is also solid as well as MAX's in MIZNER......
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    thanx, will check them out [​IMG]
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    looking for traders in fl. to talk to for ideas,advice,etc...
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    Cornerstone Investors Network
    This months meeting will be at the Broward County Main Library Auditorium Aprl 15th at 7pm. 100 S. Andrews Avenue.

    Dan Hassey of 21st Century Investor will be discussing the current market outlook and specific strategies for this unique trading environment.

    Jerry Furst
    Cornerstone Investors Network
    South Florida Chapter and
    Active Investors Education Focus Groups

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    i like that place, middle aged women everywhere!!!whats up with this trading club????
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