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  1. presto


    I think it would be great to know who the traders in my area are. I know there have been many 'lets get together for drinks' posts over the years....which would be great, but I'd also like to meet a few like minded traders in my area to swap ideas and stories with.

    If you are trading with a group, at home, prop or retail and are in the area - put a posting up to let us know who is out there!

    l have mainly been trading equity index and bond futures over the past few years from home. Prior to that I traded with a prop group in the area.

    Moderator - please delete this post. I just realized that I should have posted this in the 'hook up' forum. Please post your replies to the thread in that forum.
  2. BigBoris


    I'm living in Boca.
  3. There are alot of traders in Boca spread all over the place now. Back in the day Schonfeld, Worldco and Generic all employed hundreds. Some are out of the business, alot trade remote with various firms. I know that a couple dozen people are still at Generic by the mall, Schonfeld has maybe 50 left and I trade with a group at Echotrade in Mizner. Let me know if you want to meet up for a drink i'll see what i can put together.
  4. In Boca as well :)
  5. presto


    I private messaged you guys. Thanks for responding!
  6. kean


    Just south of you in Pompano. Trading remote. Also interested in getting to know traders in the area.
  7. Schaefer


    In Coral Springs. Although I don't consider myself as a trader, as I work full time, and trade e-minis part time, from home and from work also :D

  8. Trish


    Hi Presto. I sent you a P.M.
  9. ddlee


    Did any of you guys ever hook up?? (Im in Pompano)
  10. jdkgroup


    Im not too far....Fort lauderdale area...
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