Bobl Move today?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by wolfe, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. wolfe


    Anyone know why the Bobl shot up 30+ points in a matter of seconds right around 9:28 or so? Thanks
  2. TsunTzu


    Earth Quake in gulf of california set stops off.
  3. AK100


    Major Japanese trading house, selling dollars buying euro and putting that money to work in the bobl.

    Apparantly they wanted to 'goose' the market/players a bit to let them all know there's a new buyer with plenty of cash.
  4. meskhot


    I believe the earthquake has nothing to do with it as the move on the Bund/Bobl/Gilt happened 4 minutes before.
    The news on California were released on BBG / Reuters much later.
    On the bund, more than 40,000 lots traded in 3 minutes...
    All that I know is that I entered a short on the Bund 1 minute before...
  5. meskhot


    9:28... You must be base in england, right?
  6. TsunTzu


    Perhaps because it took 4 minutes for it too appear on any of the news wires. We had a telephone call as it started getting lifted that there was a rumor of a quake, but details were sketchy. Still it doesn't matter what the cause was, as they say, all news is old news.

  7. meskhot


    OK Tx... It's just that the news stated the quake happened at 32...
    Now I know why I lost money :)
  8. AK 100, where did you get this Japan story from?
  9. yeah what happened in German interest rates futures yesterday ? US Treasuries didn't budge by comparison. I thought it was some ECB news but EUR/USD stayed strong all day. Doubt the earthquake had anything to do with it, hardly heard about it on the news, and why didn't we see a similar move in Treasuries then ?
  10. surely it was the earthquake - reason no reaction in treasuries poss because the "earthquake" actually turned out to be something off the coast and hence with no damage?

    sell off today profit taking?

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