Bobl, Bund , Shatz And Euribor Traders

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  1. time to accept reality.

    a couple of my friends have been strugglng recently and making absolutely nothing.

    they traded bund/bobl , bobl/shatz etc.

    they just quit last week.

    one of them turned up temping in the back/middle office of a decent us bank.

    duties included trade catpure/settlement etc.

    they are paying him £20.00 an hour with possible £30/35 an hour after 6 months.

    so all in all they aint a bad deal.

    with a 10 hour week, 5 days a week thats a £1000 in the bin.

    he is over the moon.

    first bit of money he has earnt pretty much this year.

    he said he was gutted he wasted most of the year trying to make a living out of the market.

    is he a crap trader? some people will say yes.

    at some point he was a good trader.

    he obviously has not adapted to the new world market.

    but at least he has accpeted this and moved on.

    the problem with this job is its too easy in that no one tells you what to do, come and go as you please and when you make a load its even better.

    but the sad reality is we are all not earning a fortune anymore.

    the arcade i work at seems to have less and less people every week.

    so in a nutshell its no shame to move back to the back office.

    bottom line is your earning , not pretending your earning by telling everyone you are a trader.

    cash is king.
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    How did they trade? There've been so many opportunities in the past few months I can't even imagine not having any setups.

    I'm not knocking them at all, just trying to understand. Credit for "cutting their losses" and moving on to the next setup in life.
  4. best decision i ever made quitting trading bund/bobl/shatz 4 months ago.

    the morning after i quit for good, and realised that i no longer had to look at those damn tt ladders anymore, driving myself crazy trying to outfox the algos, i felt like such a huge weight had been lifted.

    let's face it, the good times are over.

    do yourselves a favour and get won't regret it.

    we've all got great memories of a few years ago, but those days are gone now.

    move on....or move back in with your parents aged 40!!!!!
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    They made a good decision - if they are struggling then it's better to move on.

    But I am still baffled. All I hear about is how hard this market is to trade. I've been trading for two years but didn't even know what the Bund was until three months ago when I decided to start trading it.

    And I've had a vast deal of success trading intraday and eod. What the hell is a TT ladder? Just look at the price's so obvious its like taking candy from a baby most days....
  6. you are funny!

    you've been trading for two years and you've never heard of tt!
  7. What size do you trade bunds in?

    How many ticks is a 'vast deal of success'?

    Are you for real?
  8. Change the record! How many more threads do you want to start with the same theme?? zzzzzz

    There are 100 tic daily ranges in the bund now and you can't find an opportunity!!?
  9. there was one two days ago.

    there are 600 tick ranges in most energy spreads.

    i think ill go and trade them easily and profitably.

    come to think of it anything with a huge range must be giving money away.

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