BOBJ great earnings

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by qll, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. qll


    They fooled everyone to lower their Estimates on July 6th at 52w low, then beat it today, then raise the full year Estimates.

    Look for huge reversal Today!.
  2. qll


    over all trading is weak. buying is huge, but selling is steady. selling will be limited. did not see new shorts coming today.
  3. qll


    straight line up. looking for $30 mid term.
  4. qll


    I recommanded this stock at $23-$24 level. It is now $33.73 after 2 months.

    Right on!
  5. dstod


    great pick....

    i shorted some today @34.41. it acted weak on an up day.
  6. qll


    my other pick TRT is up more than 100% in 2 months!.

    take a look at my new pick: RWC
    i think RWC is looking to be 10+ soon, so 30% gain from here. 10+what, i don' t know. most players in this stock are well known. in many cases, they sooner or later will fight each other for shares. since all of them are already on the table, i bet the fight will start sooner, so the run will start sooner.
    it is so far holding well at 8+ level. you can wait for a pullback or get in right now for long term.