Bobby Joe Jindal Strikes Again!

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    “Obama gave a polished performance, as usual. Jindal’s act needs a lot of work,” said John J. Pitney Jr., a political science professor at California’s Claremont McKenna College. “His basic message was sound but his language was hackneyed and his performance was wooden. Fortunately he has a lot of time to improve his delivery. In the year 2040 he will still be younger than McCain was in 2008.”

    Thomas Schaller, a political scientist at University of Maryland, Baltimore County, said, “Someday, when scholars are trying to fingerpoint the nadir of the post-Bush Republican Party, they may arrive at Jindal's speech tonight,” he said. “Though it was a tough moment for any Republican to give the opposition response, his speech came across as unserious in content and condescending in its tone.”
  2. The condescension was actually quite striking.

    For all the nonsensical talk about Obama being "elitist," the man talks to people as equals. Jindal's manner of speaking yesterday evening seemed to be aimed at slow children.
  3. indians often come off as arrogant
  4. You really need to make an effort to keep your bigotry in check. Meanwhile, if I am not mistaken, Jindal was born in the US.
  5. As opposed to blacks who come off as?
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    so true, the man act like he was talking to a bunch of retards.
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    I believe his message was intended for Democrats.
  8. He would have been a good first grade teacher during story time. Maybe if he would have talked with his first grade teacher tone about the economy instead of his dealings with Katrina he might have actually persuaded somebody.

    Thats still more respectable though than what Obama should have done such as being an infomercial host, actor or journalist. The whole split personality teleprometer/no telepromter Obama is getting old.
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