Bobby Jindal's Running for Prez

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    Gov. Bobby Jindal's backers form federal PAC to tout presidential run
    by Bill Barrow, The Times-Picayune
    Friday June 12, 2009, 10:03 PM
    BATON ROUGE -- A group of Gov. Bobby Jindal's political supporters, including an uncle of the governor's wife, Supriya Jindal, are forming a federal political action committee to support a presidential run by the 38-year-old Republican.

    The governor is aware of the operations of Jindal For President Draft Council Inc., but is not directly involved, according to organizers Rama Mohanty, a Southern University professor, and Dan Kyle, a former legislative auditor and failed GOP candidate in several bids for office.

    "They are supportive of what we are doing, " Mohanty said of the Jindal team.

    Jindal spokesman Kyle Plotkin said, "The governor has said that he has the job he wants, and he hopes to be re-elected (in 2011) to continue to move Louisiana forward."

    He added, "It's flattering, but the governor does not support this effort. This is a distraction from the critical issues that we face, and the governor will not be involved in any capacity."

    Kyle, the group's treasurer, said the aim is to establish field operations and hold fundraisers in every state.

    The nation's youngest governor, Jindal has traveled extensively since taking office in January 2008, speaking or raising money in more than a dozen states and the District of Columbia. His itinerary has included Iowa, which hosts the first presidential caucus.

    Though he continues to be viewed as a potential national player, polls and media coverage suggest that Jindal's star power has waned since the bad reviews of his official Republican response to President Barack Obama's first congressional address in February.

    Kyle said he still believes Jindal will seek the presidency.
  2. Palin,Gingrich,Jindal,Romney LOL.Republicans have no chance
  3. Let's give yo' boy some time and see how things turn out. He sucks so far.
  4. Remember when the jokesters in the Republican party nominated an actor to run for President? Man, what a joke that was.
  5. Why are dems so obsesed with who the 'leader' of the GOP is when they're so sure Obama is a two term president? And they're also pretty sure that the GOP is dead now so why the fuss?
  6. Because deep down inside they know Obama is a fraud and the political pendulum is going to swing pretty hard against them.
  7. That had more to do with Jimmy Carter
  8. More funny then fuss.The Republicans have become so entertaining lately.Have you seen the recent Palin interviews where she didn't know that Lettermen was referring to the daughter that is a un-wed teen single mother ?The teen single mother who is traveling around the country preaching teen abstinence
  9. Is Alex Rodrigez traveling with her?

    Sorta hard to impregnate a girl during the 7th inning stretch when that girl is in another part of the country. Oopps.

    Feel free the man the 1200's and start spinning again though.
  10. I don't think he is eligible. He was born in Baton Rouge but his parents were over on visa to attend LSU. He was their "Anchor Baby."

    I think your parents have to be citizens to be eligible for Prez.
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