Bobby Jindal

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    and Benny Hinn...

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  2. Phony baloney...
  3. Has no chance to be President
  4. saxon


    i know sum peepll who liv in Loosiana, and they don't look nothin like him. is he hindoo??

    not a american, that fur shur. no way, prez.
  5. You are a racist.
  6. For a Republican, I don't see what's wrong with him. He talks down to his base. They're used to being condescended to, and have come to expect it from their leaders.
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    bobby jindali will cook you a plate of curry for your vote
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    You really jumped on that one didn't you? The perennial humiliation and racist bashing of Obama that has been going on here, albeit by a few inbred minds, and nary a word from you or like minded souls. For the record, yes, I consider that prior post and the one right above about Jindal to be in poor taste, racist and despicable. Such comments have no place in society. Having said that, Bobby didn't exactly endear himself to the Republican base and seemed to have created divisiveness within the party with his remarks. He supported rebuilding hurricane protection whilst condemning spending on volcano monitoring, last night . He speaks about not wanting unemployment, and yet supported unemployment not dissimilar to what is in the stimulus package, a couple of years ago. A few examples that illustrate his hypocritical observations. To cap it all off, Mr Jindal apparently hadn't actually read the president's speech before he filmed his rebuttal.
  9. I think Romney and Palin got a leg up on Jindal after his performance.

    He is a Brown/Oxford Rhodes Scholar so he is smart enough, but his ability to project effectively is sorely lacking.
  10. His name is Piyush Darbash "Bobby" Jindal. Nice enough fellow but he should be proud of his heritage and use his given name, as Obama has done.


    His politics is perhaps too conservative for most Americans nowadays and the same rhetoric of government is the problem is no longer going to sell. If you govern as if government is the problem it will be a self fulfilling prophecy.

    Also led the Louisiana delegation in Congressional earmark funding in 2007, so he is not against feeding at the trough when it suit him.

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