Bob Polski tribute, All-time Great Salesman

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  1. I dedicate this thread to the legendary Bob Polski, salesman extradonaire.

    Legend has it that Polski once made 18 straight cold calls with nothing more than a pillow mint to eat all day.

    If anyone one else has a Polski story post it here.

    Rennick out:cool:
  2. Bob Polski had his handshake trademarked...The Polski Pump
  3. After his 3rd heart attack, Bob woke up and sold the attending paramedics 12 dozen steak knives...That was Polski
  4. You know, he had to work hard to attain his success. As a young man, h e was so pitiful, that, during WWII, he couldn't sell pussy to a troop train. But, through hard work, practicing his 'closes', he attained immortality.

    I believe it was Polski that developed the famous "door close".
  5. Bob Polski's mentor was a blind man who sold art.
  6. One of Polski's greatest hot sellers were the battery powered cucumbers at the annual gay and lesbo convention.
  7. One of Polski's best selling books was
    "13 Ways to Hammer a Client into a Yes"
  8. Bob Polski said "Man, I'm gonna lose my ass if I don't start selling some more cars."

    His girlfriend says "You think that's bad? I'm gonna lose my car if I don't start selling some more ass!"
  9. Btw, the hot dogs taste like shit at those conventions.
  10. LOL
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