Bob Pisani is the biggest dork on CNBC

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    Absolutely hilarious. I sold short the ES on a small pop, Bob Pisani reported 2 seconds later that we are no longer in "sell the rally mode", and less than a minute later we dropped 3.5 points for a quick profit. One of those wierd coincidental chain of events. In any regard, Bob Pisani truly is the biggest dork on CNBC. You especially see it these days with the camera so close to his face. He looked better when the camera on the NYSE floor was up in the rafters
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    that chic erin burnett is extremely stupid and more annoying than bp.

    I resolved this problem by switching to bloomberg and putting on mute.The bloomberg crew is boring which is good-no idiot commentary and cheerleading and few stockpicker retards.

    I basically have turned off my tv i got sick of election coverage and had enough of the 'news'...hopefully i can quit tv-its a horrible addiction.I now turn on music or listen to npr for news...
  3. While we are talking about CNBC personalities, Margaret Brennan is SMOKING HOT!!! :eek:

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    Wait 'til they show Margaret Brennan reporting from East Hampton in her crisp white shirt with a little "nip" in the air!


    As John from Cinnicinatti once said, "I wanna bone her"!
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    I will have to disagree with you on Erin Burnett. She is one of my favorites. Cramer is the person who makes me sick to my stomach. I hit mute as soon as I see his mug.
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    we already had this discussion
  7. Cramer is a clown, but he knows it and plays off it to make money. I have more respect for Cramer than 95% of the other CNBC personalities. Rick Santelli is easily the most respected of the bunch since he stands so far above the other losers on the network. He's in a class of his own. It's a pity Bloomberg does not pick up his contract.

    Bob P is bad but I don't know how anyone could classify him the worst. Did you forget about Neaile, Gasparino and god forbid Maria "phat ass" Bartiromo?

    On a related note, I watched CNBC at length for the first time in almost a year. All those stupid graphs that morph around and kiddie power ranger sound effects made it unbearable. Even their perma bull guests would make Kudlow blush. Some idiot was saying now was the time to buy middle-end retail such as Tiffanys and MACYs. We're in the middle of a fucking recession with high income earners being laid off in droves, but now is the time to buy upper priced retail stocks since they are strong pillars of the economy? Get the fuck outta here.

    There was another guest saying buy financials because they've never been this cheap. They are priced that way for a reason...

    He will however probably be proven right, not because they're currently "cheap", but because the Fed has proven that they're all too big to fail. Now they can afford to take unlimited risk and tap the discount window if things go wrong.

    It's interesting that the common theme was buy everything, ever stock is cheap. But don't even think about buying actual commodities because they're in an overpriced bubble. I swear CNBC is being funded by underground bolierrooms and bucketshop stock brokers. Every fucking guest called a bottom. At least Bob Pisani said he wans't going to play that game.
  8. Every time Pisani opens his mouth I see this fear in his eyes: "I've not said anything wrong just now, have I?!? I am getting fired?? Oh, sh*t, oh sh*t!!" The dude seems to live in constant panic about scewing up on the air and getting fired. Anybody else gets this impression?
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    I would suggest this:

    Post your education creditinals

    Post your work resume

    Post what time and network your show is on:

    Then we can compare......

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