Bob Pisani Drives You Absolutely Nuts!!! Arrrgghhhh!!!!

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Should Bob Pisani be fired from CNBC?

  1. YES and the press release should state its because of family problems.

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  2. Yes A dunk tank should be setup in a local NYC bar and Bob will sit there until he gets dunked.

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  3. YES They should place Bob outside the exchange and we should all get our chance to pepper him with e

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  4. No I love Bob Pisani.

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  1. I like to have on the news so I can hear just I have some other news services too like

    If there is one thing that I cant stand then that is Bob Pisani. All he does is run around all day pointing out stocks that have made fresh new highs. AAAHHH!!!!
  2. Sucks to be short, eh?
  3. what is the point of having live streaming news AND a stupid channel like CNBC on at the same time?

    Keep the live streaming news on and turn OFF the TV. Then you wouldn't have to see Bob P and also would not subject us all to another CNBC thread.



  4. I think Bob does a great job. Personally I like the guys on the floor of NYSE. Art Cashin as well. But again I use briefing, fly, trade the news as well.
  5. retaildaytrader = Jim Cramer

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    You can get a lot out of CNBC if you watch it with the TV off

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    Goldman's cheerleader?
  8. Exactly. :D
  9. Havent watched CNBC since its business center days. But pointing out new highs can be useful.

    BTW, what do these news feeds tell you that a stock scanner can't?

    In fact, a volume spike is likely to show up on your scanner before it hits the news. News is always well after the fact. Would it not be better to get that info on the next bar?
  10. Years ago in the early to mid 90's Pissant was the Real Estate corespondent. Then somehow suddenly he became a stock expert. You could sense the beginning of the downfall of CNBC then.

    It was sort of like when Don Bright got monthly column in TASC magazine. End of subscription.
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