Bob Novak,White House Stooge

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hoodooman, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. Novak said today on Crossfire that Howard Dean was 30 years behind the times with regard to people in the south displaying the Confederate flag.

    Looking to capitalize on Dean's ill advise remarks, Novak said he was in Mississippi for three days and never saw one. That was all the proof he needed to say that Dean was out of touch with the american people.

    I'm not a big Dean fan, but Novak's remarks today are about the most asinine utterances that I've ever hear from a news commentator.

    All I can figure out is that this stooge is either a god damn liar or he was so dead drunk, the whole time he was down there, that he never left his hotel room.

    How does a sorry S.O.B. like that get away with passing himself off as a journalist.
  2. Novak isn't a journalist. He is a TV pundit. Like all the other TV pundits, he gets paid to spew his opinions and to be partisan. Crossfire is hardly a news program. He is the equivalent to an op ed piece in a newspaper, which has nothing to do with news and journalism.