Bob McCullough & Liberty Research - Whatever happened ?

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  1. Someone on another group asked about an indicator called "Formula X". I did some 'net research and it pointed to the above author and his company. He even wrote a book (below).
    However, this indicator's exact calculation appears to be a well kept secret and both the author and the company do not seem to be active anymore. The only thing I was able to discover was that Formula X is a fast stochastic using detrending and special smoothing.
    Anyone have any knowledge of what happened to Liberty Research, McCullough, or anything about "Formula X" ??
    Oh, and another thing, he created an analysis platform called "Investograph Plus". All links to it appear to be exists no more.
  2. No one ? I wonder if Jack Hershey knows this guy who goes back some time ?
  3. Good question - I too wondered what happened this guy. I spoke to him many years ago but lost touch.
  4. Everything he's done appears out of circulation....the software, his book, his indicators.....
    did the guy DIE, I wonder ?
  5. He hit the "Holy Grail" and trades for himself, does not want to give any publicity to what he is doing.

    He is active on this board under the name "Grob".

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  7. I too have been searching for Robert McCullough and any info on Investograph. My friend has been using it for years and we both are either trying make sure it keeps going with newer programs or get the formulas. If anyone knows anything please let me know.
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    Add my name to that list of those who would like to
    know more about this dude and his software.

    His book makes more sense than most of the stuff I've
    read over the years.

    Drop me an email if any of you come up with any answers.
  9. At this point, I doubt if he is still alive......seems to have absolutely left this planet....without a trace.
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    Maybe not. I did a bit of research and found that he is still listed in the US telephone directory at the address and number on the following link.

    I doubt the email address still works because has been abandoned or hijacked. Traderscharts-training appear to have tried to take over the project but that seems to have been abandoned as well. You could try contacting the web page owner though.

    Liberty Research Corporation
    C/O Bob McCullough
    501 Balcones Ridgeway
    Bertram, Texas 78605
    (512) 355-2170


    KW Associates
    Ken (
    11 Valley Trail
    Round Rock
    Tel. +1.5422516587

    Also, go here to ferret about on the web site:

    Hope this helps.
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