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    Way to go BOB!

    Bob Brinker's Marketimer: Bullish. In his most recent issue, which was published in early June, editor Bob Brinker wrote that his market timing model "remains in favorable territory as we approach the start of the summer season. We continue to expect stock prices to work higher and to achieve new historic highs in the market indexes." Brinker's model portfolios are fully invested.

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  2. old news. Brinker the Stinker is a permabull in timers clothing.
  3. Just another permabull
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    Sounds like a tad bit of a toolshed, also.
  5. Well, his record of "calls" is pretty good.

    He sells an advisory letter to clients. His letter has 3 different options for long term investment that vary according to risk tolerance and other parameters.

    I guess if I were interested I would check to see how Mark Hulbert rates his service

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    Yep, that was my point. Brinker is on the top 10 list by Hulbert.

    Here is the rest of article:{5E12C026-A4F6-4275-85F8-851738D33441}
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    If you can't make money in the market, sell your timing. If you can't sell that then sell a ranking of timers. ;)
  8. Paraphrasing that old saying, "If you can, do. If you can't, teach. If you can't teach, teach gym."
  9. brinker has destroyed his followers
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