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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by reg, Jun 9, 2003.

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    Trying to see if anyone has any opinion/feedback on Bob Bright's advanced classes that is held in Las Vegas every month. Anyone find these classes beneficial or are they just a gimmick to lure potential traders in?
    Thanks for any feedback.
  3. I've taken it recently as well. It's not meant to 'sucker' any traders in - it's for 'experienced' traders already trading at Bright.

    Caracal's right, most of the stuff is 'findable' on your own (as is most any education), but, at least it's presented in a relatively clear 'context' applicable to trading at Bright.

    Overall, the class is 'worthwhile' once or twice a year. I'm glad it's 'free' to Bright's traders. Probably not easy to justify too much cost associated with it otherwise.
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    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    Obviously, I'm biased, but I can tell you that I got some good stuff out of it. It was 1 day, now it's going to be two and that will be good because there's a lot to cover.

    I can also GUARANTEE it's not a "gimmick to lure potential traders in". This is because it's ONLY for Bright traders... ie. traders that are already in.
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    Thanks Caracal, Howell & Cash for your replies.
    I keep thinking of the line "come sign up with us and we'll give you continuing education thru our advanced class". I wasn't sure if the "advanced class" would have any meat in it for traders to chew on or if it's just a bag of hot air.
    My question has been answered though & I know you guys gave honest answers.