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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by soler, Jun 22, 2010.

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  1. soler


    I recently heard a story about how successful bob bright was in trading, and that he only trades the open with a basket of stocks on the nyse....

    does anyone have more information. I'd love to hear his story. Does he trade only with the opening direction or counter trades?

    Is he in / out all within the first 15 mins?

    does he really make > 10k / day?

    what kind of parameters does he use to enter trades?

    I've tried scalping opening directional trades but have never had much luck at that.

  2. I heard... is not "I SAW with my eyes..."
  3. would you care to site the source where you the info about Bob Bright?
  4. soler


    was just a friend...he says he read about it a few years ago...couldnt remember where...maybe trader magazine.

    I looked on youtube and googled it but nothing much comes up.
  5. NoDoji


  6. all is true. he is on ET under alias lescor. at least sounds very much like that guy.
  7. EEUT84


    10k/day? he pays that much in short interest every night.

    having met him multiple times, he is extremely smart and well-versed in the markets. he has many strategies up his sleeves.
  8. Dustin


    Not true, but physically they are nearly identical.
  9. OMG please say it's not true! My sympathies Lescor.


  10. Corey aka lescor --- I have known you since 2001, and dang I never figured you were a Bright! :) Tells me I am both clueless about the market, and your true IDENTITY! I know, I know I am a blonde.
    #10     Jun 23, 2010
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