Bob Bright WSOP player has ambitions of turning poker players into stock traders.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ktgtrader, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Watch out Weak Hands! Be on the lookout for Huge Bids at the strangest times.
  2. Why not name it... "Teaching addicted gamblers how to gamble...... more!"

    He's not gonna have any trouble finding people:)
  3. Daal


    some of these guys have huge egos, they are going to get crushed if they think 'balls' and 'guts' are any important. I will take a BJ player over holdem player anyday(specially shorthanded NL players)
  4. I said in a previous post, You can take a bj, or poker player and turn them into a trader. Yet. You would have much better success taking a trader and turning them into a poker player or blackjack player. The money management skills that you learn from trading lend greatly to games of chance.