Bob Bright wins 2nd WSOP ring...

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  1. My brother just picked up $102,000 from winning his Second World Series Circuit event at Caesar's Palace. May 7, 2006. Bob beat top players Barry Greenstein and Scott Fischman on final table. Heads up action with young newcomer, Jordan Morgan. We're pretty sure we'll see more of this young professional.


    Official report:

    He's back at it today in Main Event..

    Don :)
  2. Most impressive! Congrats to your brother. They even have his face plastered all over the front page. Good stuff.
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  4. LOL!! This entry next to your name is hilarious:

    Don Bright playing in the 2005 World Series of Poker media celebrity charity event. Rio Hotel and Casino, June 2005. (Note: Sat next to Nichole Ritchie for a while, didn't recognize her.....wondered why all the photographers were huddled around the table, LOL).
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  6. Yeah, that was pretty funny....I leaned over and said "look up, I think these people are looking for you for some reason"...her boyfriend said "well, yeah, we know that, but I guess the cat's out of the bag now"...."thanks"....

    Oh well, at least the paparazzi weren't after me, LOL.

  7. Good stuff! Do you have the same success as your brother at the tables?
  8. awesome, don! congratulations to bob

  9. I don't enter the big games, but do well with the cash games and "sit and go" tournaments....$8,000 at Caesar's last month, first out of 156...only $200 entry fee.

    Bob and I are going to Paris next month for the WPT at the Aviation Club....I'll enter a few tournaments there....."how tough can that be" LOL.

  10. Heck, I can't even win an online "free roll" tourney. I'll stick to the home games. Good luck in Paris! J
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