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    I heard there was a article about Bob in a issue of a magazine how he made like 18 million buying a stock while dropping... Can someone post the article or tell me what magazine it was in and what month it was issued? Thanks to all...
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    Trader Mag do a yahoo search
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    hmmm can't seem to find the article on the website or doing a search... can you direct me to a link of it?
  5. It's not a good article. It's rubbish. Just a marketing article advertising his brokerage. I read it and threw the magazine away. There are tons of articles in there with every issue. They are full of fluff and fake stories to get your adrenaline pumping, so you think you can win millions too. Don't forget 95% of traders lose and go broke.

    But I think Bob is a better trader than most. After all, he did make it through the tech bubble bust, when every other broker house went broke. I wonder if Bob had Bright trading back then? Or if he opened up after the tech stocks went broke.
  6. I think there were threads here about his position in PVN and also the urban legend Bright trade on the MRK/LLY Pair. One has to balance that claim with the fact that the number keeps getting bigger every year + access to traders Pnl which is priceless in pointing a trader to a better strategy + the risk he takes to generate these trades (Martingale). As important is the moral hazard present in certain firms when the risk manager and the biggest trader is the same person.
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    Bright Trading was started in 1992 and Bob has been trading since the late 70's. So he's been through many cycles.

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    Personally, my jaw dropped when I heard about the profit he made on that one!

    Regarding risk, whether it was the MRK/LLY or the PVN, what Bob had at stake in those was a small fraction of his capital, so even though he is a huge trader, he is very risk aware and most definitely not a wild trader by any stretch of the imagination.

  9. All I can say Cash is that I wish I had 1% of his money.LOL..

    That being said, if you take major blowups of firms whether it be prop, Hedge funds, Barings, LTCM, etc. It seems to me that no matter what intrument, time frame, the common threads are...
    leverage thru position sizing or options.
    Absence of checks and balances wherein the risk manager is also the trader or at least in bed with them.
    mean reverting strategies
  10. brokers have one of biggest resources in trading. to be able to see what hundreds of others are doing.

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