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    I have heard so many complaints about this over the last several years as well as the last several days. People being stopped 2,3,4,5,6, and even 7 times over the course of a weekend by various police agencies while simply enjoying their boat with their families and friends. I was once stopped 4 times in 2 days by 4 different agencies within a 6-mile stretch of the Hudson River. Why? The police wanted to do "SAFETY CHECKS!" I have been harassed and/or boarded 3 times in the last 5 days by different agencies on a 2-mile strip of the Hudson River near the Newburgh Waterfront while simply floating on my boat.


    Fully armed Coast Guard and police stormed onto the Riverfront Marina Docks last weekend at the Newburgh Boat show. They went out to a boat that was pulled over for having a case of locked guns on board with a 70-year-old man that had a Georgia License for them.

    By the time the day was over and the parading of all the police was done, the two couples were taken to the Newburgh court and wound up with a misdemeanor.


    The police justify their no probable cause stops by telling us, they do it to "keep us safe."


    The police have been tripping over each other stopping so many boaters right in front of the Riverfront Marina in Newburgh, NY. The Coast Guard, New York State Police, NY DEC, Dutchess County Sheriff, Orange County Sheriff, US Customs were directly in front of Riverfront Marina on both days or creating a blockade in the West Point area or creating a blockade by the Bear Mountain Bridge previously. At the Riverfront Marina in Newburgh, as soon as a boat left the marina or was arriving, any one of the above dropped on them like a pack of vultures looking for dead meat. Many of the law enforcement boats had as many as 6 or seven on board.

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    ps I'm not suggesting to sign the petition. This was the best link to the story.