BOA talking merger with MER?

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  1. According to WSJ, BOA and MER are talking merger.

    Bank of America and Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc. are in merger discussions, according to people familiar with the matter.

    The talks come amid a Wall Street scramble to sort out a potential liquidation of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.

    Bank of America had considered buying Lehman, but when those talks failed to result in a deal, BofA turned its attention to Merrill, which is considered a better fit for the bank.

    Much remains uncertain and conditions were fluid.
  2. Jesus Christ !! what is going on !! Tomorrow will be fucked up trading session !!!
  3. jgold310


    One thing is for sure, panic will settle in.
  4. Wow! WTF!
  5. cszulc


    Merrill Lynch in talks to sell itself to Bank of America for at least $38.25 billion: report 4:44pm EDT

    Never have seen a Sunday this eventful!!! This would mean $25~ a share for MER!
  6. jgold310


    I read $25 to $30 a share- NYT