BNP Paribas Bank's Auchi's censored Obama docs now appear on Wikileaks

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  1. In case the first link doesn't work for the Wikileaks page, search Wikileaks for "BNP", (which I have already done in the link below).
  2. 1000-bottle wine cellar. That's awesome. That's a sign of success. He showed potential since his college days. He was the first black and one of the youngest editors of Harvard Law Review.

    There are many others that have failed in everything that they have done and are still millionaires.
  3. Click on Issues and check out many other stuff. The sources are listed at the bottom of the page too.
  4. Are there any Rothschild wines in there? Those are damn good wines! Damn expensive, but damn good!

    When do we get to tour McCain's homes?

    (This is all such crap - like anybody gives a rat's ass.)
  5. OP is the product of a failed abortion.

    yet another ideological imbecile who has no knowledge of the real issues

    this moronic thread belongs to Shit-Shat
  6. Look they are both crooks. Both had to sell part of their soul to their party (McCain does anything they advice him to do to get elected and Obama merged with clintonians to get votes -for example) to be where they are. Just pick the smarter one. I rather have someone smart make decisions over my life don't you?