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    Wondering how to set a reasonable valutation. Should it trade above/below net asset value?

    Bam Investments is a leveraged play on BAM brookfield asset mgnt.

    It holds 37 millions shares.

    From their Q4 NAV is $256 now.

    Market value of the shares are about $294

    Perhaps a major discount for lack of liquidity on although 100 or 200 shares can go a long way for retail traders

    I figured if its a leveraged play it should be trading above nav.
  2. A $1.00 change in the value of Brookfield's Class A shares results in a $4.65 change in the calculated net asset value of a BAM Investments common share.

    So for every dollar they lose, you'll be losing at least $4.65......

    Hence the price action. I test a simple trading system and it exited on Feb. 26, 2007 due to the price change in the stock.

    NAV doesn't really apply under a leveraged circumstance like this, as far as I can tell.
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    Well in less than a month it rallied close to 80 points!
    Glad I took 5 pts on my 200 shares at $241 :)

    Another interesting play
    solar stock play, there's a big meeting tomorrow, should clear alot of things up, otcbb listing, market maker selection, 2006 annual report, possible Q1 2007.
    Its a sketchy situation, GRSR is an umbrella corporation. Downside limited 40 cent stock. Sould be a mover tomorrow.