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  1. I've been at this for a while and thought I would start a thread of my NQ trading. I am part time trader, and have been for many years. One thing I miss about trading is the solitude. The mental solitude. I will not talk trading with non-traders, the gap is just too big to bridge for there to be any meaningful exchange.

    So, I'll do this for a while, perhaps to learn a bit, perhaps to share a bit and hopefully make my trading a bit more enjoyable. After a while it gets a bit mechanical.

    Any way, here is today.
  2. trying to post screenshot.
  3. PACMAN1


    Hey its good to see you back. I'll try and contribute also. I also trade the NQ, like you a student of ANEK although I've changed a lot in the way I trade now. I'm much more of a short exsposure time frame once in a trade. I also use other time frames other than 1000 volume. I like to look at the 5 min. and I will take a lot of my trades off of the 2 min. I also do not use any indicators.

  4. Good to see you are still here Pacman. No indicators here either. Feel free to post on this thread.
  5. Today I let my expectations of some big swings after FOMC announcements sway what I was really seeing. I kept entering chop waiting for the breakout. Looks like tomorrows news kept a lid on things today.
  6. Glad to see you're still trading and have started a journal.

    Good trading to you !
  7. Most of days move was before market opened. Kind of rangey day.
  8. Thanks Jas, feel free to post here as well.
  9. Positive for the week. Not much to say.

    I am having a problem with one of my computers not showing commissions. I'll try to fix it over the weekend.
  10. Missed the move down. Not much of a chaser I guess. Met goal, so calling it a day.
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