BMT is way overhyped and misleading Vs ET

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by gmst, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. gmst


    So, lets cut to the chase. For the last few months, I have seen a lot of hype about BMT. Let us analyse which one is better - BMT or ET.

    Vendor Policy
    On careful analysis, I have concluded that BMT is engaging in sleek marketing trying to lure newbies into buying stuff from the vendors on their site and my humble submission is that BMT is getting paid a cut from all those vendors.

    ET on the other hand - just charges a subscription rate to its vendors and as far as I can say Baron never promotes any vendor. Big Mike on the other hand can always be seen to recommend this and that vendor. LOL - it is such a giveaway on Big Mike's true intention.

    My humble submission is that the a big part of business model of Big Mike is geared towards using his forum to sell vendor services. Sometimes directly, sometimes disguised. Very Cheap Indeed!

    Banning Policy
    I personally think BMT banning policy is good - however I know a lot of very smart people get banned there - if they attack vendors. In this regard, ET is WAY BETTER.

    Few months ago, I personally started a 500+ page thread raising questions on "true" underlying business model of a company on ET. That thread generated intense debate and that thread forced that firm to become a sponsor here to counter the (negative) publicity. However, never ever did Baron or anyone else sent me a note saying that I should stop. My Hats off to Baron!!!!!!!!

    Overall Quality of Posters
    The quality of posters there is low compared to ET. Their journal section is a total joke. Everyone is trying to make money but noone is profitable. LOL. At least here on ET - we have and had great successful profitable traders - lescor, atticus , acrary, ammo, volente, daal, Cutten, sellindexvol, rallymode and a whole bunch of others. People even with investment bank pedigree post on ET - some notable examples are AmazingIndustry, Rationalize, sle and many others. ET attracts a lot of wannabes and a lot of successful professional traders. BMT on the other hand "mostly" attracts wannabes.

    More Successful Business
    Bad boys always win! However, overall - I am sure that from business perspective, BMT makes far more money than ET.

    Finally something good about BMT
    I admire the way Big Mike has created his forum software. That guy has come off pretty fast in 3 yrs he has been around the block. Baron, on the other hand is now only catching up with latest in technology.

    Freedom of Speech
    For anyone here who thinks BMT is way better, please feel free to post a link of this thread on that site. You will get a stern warning and will be kicked off. LOL. Whereas, if you can find a thread criticizing Baron or ET on another site and post its link here, you will not get banned. Only ET allows freedom of speech.

    So, newbies and guys starting out in this business, dig through old wisdom on ET threads instead of getting lured through sleek marketing of other forums. ET has much more quality info compared to other forums.
  2. BMT is a good place to start a journal if you want it to be troll-free. Here at ET, it is too easy to attract a following of cyber stalkers.

    But there are some really good journals here at ET, including the ones you mentioned.

    I have no problem with Big Mike's business model. It's his shop, after all. I wish him continued success, as I do for Baron.

    I would like to see ET catch up in terms of forum software. This really is lame. I think ET would really benefit from making it easier to compose and edit posts, upload multiple charts to a post, etc.

    I like both forums. The internet is certainly big enough for the two of them.
  3. d08


    I'm getting advertising spam from ET more often these days...
  4. Yeah my only real complaint re this place is the stone-age posting. If you don't remember the correct code you have to either click on the ET Code link over by the smilies or google it to get it right. Of course this means I actually know most of the useful stuff now, but I really didn't need to spend all that time learning it.
    What I find interesting is the different ways different forums have of controlling the bandwidth they take up. One forum I was on for a while banned images, but allowed signatures. Here, it's the opposite, but the reason given is the same. Weird.
  5. stefan416


    I have to say , although I dont post much (read at all) here I am a very happy full member of BMT. For $50 you get a lifetime of fellow traders who have come to be a tight knit community. People willing to program free indicators for you as well as plenty of support from senior members. Best $50 i've spent in trading support. Mind you, they are almost exclusively futures oriented and many trade CL but everyone is willing to help there. Not many snotty bastards there. I cant reall say the same for some individuals here.

    However, ET is definitely a number two for me while the others, trade2win, traderslab etc are way down there. I come here for more general advice etc on trading and investing. In saying that I would highly recommend BMT. No reasons to choose sides when you can have both!

    Dont worry ET..... I love you too! Plus, BMT has a sleek interface with pretty colours as well ahaha
  6. m22au


    What is BMT?

    What is the name of the vendor which was the subject of the 500+ page thread?
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  8. RobertG


  9. BSAM


    My observations:

    #1 Why is this thread in Wall Street News?

    #2 How does it benefit ET by discussing direct competitors on this website?

    #3 If I was Baron, I'd delete this thread entirely.
  10. as far as useful content I dont see much difference between the two

    BMT has less riff raff but that doesnt mean the content is better

    there's nothing unique posted there that isn't posted anywhere else on the net

    nothing new under the sun as far as trading goes

    most guys lose money.... if you dont believe then read the journals section of any trading forum... no rags to riches stories to be found

    Big Mike's is a more professional and controlled atmosphere though

    but lacks a little of ET's character

    but Mike keeps it clean over there, so you can discuss ways to lose money and your sim trading struggles in a more friendly environment
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