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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by zentrader, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. I'm running 2 Dell LCDs on a NVIDIA GeForce FX5200, one is connected using DVI, the other with analogue. This setup has been working fine for several months, both displays were very crisp. However, last week the LCD connected via analogue appeared blurry, text on some parts of the screen is fairly crisp but other parts are noticeably blurry or smudged looking. The overall picture quality is definitely much worse and can appear relatively sharp in some parts of the screen compared to others.

    I haven't made any changes to my system, it simply looked different when I sat down one morning. I have updated my drivers and played around with all the settings but to no avail.

    Any ideas? I am wondering if maybe my LCD monitor has something wrong with it (rather than video card or software setting), can I test this somehow?

  2. swap the monitor hookups. if same monitor is still blurry it may be bad.
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    Maybe your video cable is loose, or perhaps it runs by something that it causing interference. Perhaps speakers or something is interferring with the monitor.
  4. lilboy you're a legend! Screen is crystal clear now.
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    go interrogate yours kids...
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    U da man! I never knew about this before, cool.