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Discussion in 'Trading' started by blast19, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. blast19


    Come back and demand the praises you deserve my friend...wihile you are severely disliked here, you were indeed ready for the blowout while the "dip" buyers have been aptly renamed the "dipshit" buyers!

    Congratulations, you are Miss ET! :D
  2. This Just In - Update:

    Poor Blew called more crashes than a demolition derby, and is now mopping floors on the night shift at Wendy's. To say that he called this dump is a bit of a stretch. If it had crashed this summer, or next year, did he still call it?

    In the meantime the dip buyers are putting the huge dollars they made back to work on the short side, or waiting their chance when the smoke clears.

    Now if the Bluester posted it was the time to BUY, I'd be scared, very scared, for the US markets...
  3. blast19


    Your jealousy is shining like the sun in the sky over rio.
  4. Welcome back Blue!

    Give us some predictions! :)
  5. blast19


    I predict that your jealously will only grow since you're accusing random people of being "bluestreak." Good job, not only are you normally incorrect in your market calls, now you're one of those conspiracy theory guys who thinks everyone else is one person out to get you. :cool: