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  1. the Seattle based internet jewler is coming public on Nasdaq soon.

    I was recently in the market for a diamond and gave them a good look after reading a positive article on them.

    I eventually went with a local jewler that was recommended by a friend. Easier to bargin with, get sized, repairs, returns etc.

    Has anyone had any buying experience with Bluenile?

  2. JORGE


    Three years ago I purchased a set of 1 1/2 ct diamond earrings for a girlfriend who was a little more fanatical about rocks than most of them. She could not believe how little I paid. We took them to two different jewelers she knew, and they told me they could not have come within 30% of my price.
    I know nothing about jewelry, but she was impressed with the deal I received.
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    why isn't this in chat
  4. Jorge,
    Thanks for the reply. So you bought those from Bluenile?
    I already bought the ring from this local guy who said he gave me a ''friends'' price. For the same rock on Bluenile I would pay only a little bit more so I hope I'm getting a good deal.
    I'm gonna have it appraised somewhere else to make sure. I have 2 friends that have used this guy for years...but who knows.

    The only problem is, on the way home I was thinking to myself, "What if this guy switches the diamond on me?'' Maybe I'm just paranoid.

  5. Because Bluenile is coming public next week. The discussion is about how good of a business it is. Is Bluenile a worthy stock?

    But frankly I don't care where the thread is.
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    Yeah, I bought them on Blue Nile. I was definitely a little nervous buying jewelry over the internet, but she had them appraised with a jeweler she trusted and I was more than satisfied with what I paid on Blue Nile.
  7. Correction. It's trading right now. Nas sym=NILE