BlueHorseshoe Loves DNDN

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by wilburbear, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Unusually large bids for Nov. 10, 70 calls, and Jan. 12, 70 calls.
  2. Make that Jan. 12, 100 calls! (not 70).
  3. Yes, but all kinds of crazy strikes trade in DNDN -- there's been activity in $10 (!) puts also... The stock has near-infinite IV.
  4. The last time it had a nice interday reversal like today (July 19, Mon.), it quickly added $5 more.
  5. ptrjon


    the company doesn't make money, and if it ever does, it won't be a lot.

    If you were a client dying of testicular cancer, would you pay $100,000.00 for approximately 3 months of additional life, where you have to go through a complicated blood transfusion that may have additional risks? ...I wouldn't.

    I also won't short this because there's way to many people that love to invest in "exciting" ideas.
  6. tututu


    insurance wll pay for it..
  7. percolating

    +5% in a down market
  8. LEAPup


    Up 4% at 11:16 Eastern. Not too shabby!
  9. ptrjon


    it was an even better buy at 55.
  10. Hop on board, for the ride to $71!!!
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