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  1. Has anyone looked at this stock lately? Nice double bottom base here technical. Turn around story as the company went back to profitability last quarter. Signed a distribution deal in Europe not long ago. It is a jeans maker on its bottom right now. After the retail sales huge rally today and yahoo estimate earnings of .21 for 2007, this company, trading at 1.31 is insanely cheap. It is an undiscovered gem. Look at other jean companies. INNO has doubled in the lats 2 weeks, TRLG trading at 52 week highs as it squeezes the shorts almost everyday. Picked some up around here. Risk/Reward very nice imo. Celebs wear their jeans all the time. In addition, earnings run always give it a 30% boost every quarter. This quarter should finally show some nice solid earnings and Rev growth imo. If you compare it to INNO and TRLG when analyzing with price to sales BLUE should be trading over $2. Low Float micro jean play with new deals in Europe and with Black Eyed Peas Will.I.Am. Let me know your thoughts. Solid DD here. Great base and technical setup. Retail run today. When this is picked up watch for a spike to $2 imo.

  2. You're a bagholder? :eek:
  3. nah, in 1.30 here. Just curious if anyone has done solid DD on this here and agrees with me. Its almost too nice to think in this bull market this stock can be trading here when its profitable and has the Europe deal inked last quarter and a deal with Will.I.Am.

    Please respond but only if you are going to do solid DD. Only thing i dont like is their small cash position. but i listened to last CC and company said they had 3 million in credit and had no worries since they were now profitable.
  4. Who? Some rapper jerkoff?

    It's not like they inked Lebron, Peyton, Jeter, or Beckham.

    With a "spokesman" like Will.I.Am, I guarantee they'll be selling knockoffs in the 'hood instead of buying the real things at the store.

    Good luck with the position this market anything can be an easy double.
  5. Will.I.Am? Google him. a main icon in the hip/hop music world. Much like Diddy (P. Diddy, Puff Daddy or whatever he calls himself now). very trendy for those youngens who will spend $100+ per pair of jeans. Thats the key folks. Gotta play to your buyer base. Thats exactly what they do. Smart, will see sales sore imo.

    View the technicals as well. any way you cut it. profitable jean company on the bottom while TRLG and INNO soaring! Both jean companies. Same product. DD is solid here folks. But do your own.
  6. looks like distribution marking a nice bottom. cleaning out last weak hands. my pick for 50% mover from now through august. yes, i just went on record. we shall see if i am right.

    enjoy folks