Blue Wave Trading

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  1. Looks expensive for an indicator package.

    Let's hear from some users.
  2. Splat


    I tried this TS version of the software when it first came out. I had to pay $200. In hindsight the software gave superb signals. However I wasnt happy at the time because when the software was run live it seemed to completely erase signals that were drawn several bars earlier or just redraw them! Not only that but Randy (guy who develops it) told me to confirm the signals with other indicators.
    What I found really strange was that when I asked him if he traded the signals himself, he told me he didnt!

    Not sure if any of the above applies now. The software might well be more robust now.

    If you want any more info please feel free to ask.
  3. I use TradeStation too.

    Is this $200 a one-time fee? Or a monthly fee?

    What happened to your software now?
  4. Splat


    There was no monthly fee. Actually Randy didnt do trials even at the time. He did a one off 'special' for me. If I liked the software, he would have set it against the purchase price which admitedly was very kind of him. I dont have the software anymore. As I said it was a trial and it was a good while ago! He was a really nice guy. I just didnt feel comfortable purchasing the software..