Blue Water Sailors...Help Please

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    I want to learn to blue water sail and would like thoughts on how best to proceed from any of you that have learned to do it. I know nothing of sailing at the moment, so point me in the best direction.

    I have been deep sea fishing on power boats a few times, but have always been fascinated by sailing. I realize that it is a learning and experience process and my ultimate goal is to sail a Bavaria Cruiser 55 (pdf attached) around the world for a few years, docking in different ports and getting to see more of our world rather than just glimpses from airports and private cars.
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    Forget about Bavaria, they are thieves.

    My father have been in trial with them for 3 years. They are the reason he isn't cruising the ocean all year round . They sold him a prototype and put a mast on it that would make anyone with material resistance knowledge laugh.

    Choose a Beneteau instead. Cheaper is not always better.
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    Ask banjo from this site. He sailed around the world.
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    Isn't that the same vessel that James Bond cruises into Italy with Vesper in Casino Royale?
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    Join a sailing club. Take lessons, rent their boats, costs maybe $1-2 grand a year and you can get licensed to sail up to a 41 footer anywhere...
  6. No, Bond and Vesper are in a Spirit 54, gorgeous sailboat
  7. Buy a boat you can live on comfortably full-time if you are really serious about this. This is the best way to learn quickly and you will meet tons of people this way also who can show you the ropes. Do not buy a boat if you are just interested in learning to sail and are only a weekend hobbyist (been there, done that!). It is way more expensive compared to just renting a boat and taking sailing lessons. Let someone else pay the depreciation and upkeep while you enjoy sailing! Owning a boat is an expensive undertaking (think hull value 5x or 10x after several years of dockage, maintenance and repairs) but I wouldn't hesitate to do it again if I could live and work full-time on it and move around... It is a blast and affords you great freedom if you want but go in with your eyes open at least.
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    Many Thanks to all who have replied!

    Can you have your father send me an email with the facts or can you point me to the litigation site so I can read all the case files to date? need to factor in anything that could pose a problem

    Will send him a PM the moment this is posted.

    Good idea. I started doing some research at the American Sailing Association website.

    they have a store and in it they offer a book, plus a DVD that will lay the foundation for me. They also had links to just what you suggested. Looked at a few schools and one had a link to some on line basic training that can prepare me to understand and be ready to talk the lingo.

    The ASA website talks of all the required certifications to do what I want, and I was surprised that some schools / sailing clubs do not have the certification to teach all the requirements.

    Talked with a few of the schools, looks like for my purposes I need a school that offers sailing in coastal waters rather than a lake. One gent at a school suggested that I consider buying a smaller boat (under 25 foot) in need of repair and learn to repair and maintain it before I commit to a big sail boat (50 foot & over). His logic was, "Even new boats have problems and It's hard to pull in for repair at sea."
  9. Wm. F. Buckley wrote some terrific accounts of his experiences crossing the Atlantic.
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    It is stunning! much better use of 500k+ than a motor boat any clue on where to find these preowned?
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