Blue States Subsidising Welfare loving Red States

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  1. Here is a good report. The data used for research are from US Census Bureau and other legitimate sources. Here are some of the highlights.

    Education: Blue states are better educated than red states.
    Degrees: Blue staters are more likely to go to college
    Divorce: Blue staters are more likely to stay married
    Mothers: Blue staters are less likely to get pregnant in their teen years
    Lynchings: Blue staters are less likely to ignore the law
    Slavery: The Red States have racism and the victims of racism.
    Shootings : Blue Staters are less likely to shoot each other to death
    Driving : Blue Staters drive better
    Crime and Drunk Driving: Law abiding Blues don't let their friends drive drunk
    Income, Success, Big Goverment: Blues make more money, are more successful, and have to carry the Red welfare states on our backs.
    Sports - Blues are the kings of baseball and football.
    Obesity - Red State voters are fat
  2. Please identify the blue states
  3. Here are the states. Texas is the only Red State that pays the government more than it receives from the government.

    Per Federal Tax Dollar Paid, How Many do states get back? (From Tax Foundation)

    New Mexico $2.03 (B)
    Mississippi $2.02 (R)
    Alaska $1.84 (R)
    Louisiana $1.78 (R)
    West Virginia $1.76 (R)
    North Dakota $1.68 (R)
    Alabama $1.66 (R)
    South Dakota $1.53 (R)
    Kentucky $1.51 (R)
    Virginia $1.51 (B)
    Montana $1.47 (R)
    Hawaii $1.44 (B)
    Maine $1.41 (R)
    Arkansas $1.41 (R)
    Oklahoma $1.36 (R)
    South Carolina $1.35 (R)
    Missouri $1.32 (R)
    Maryland $1.30 (B)
    Tennessee $1.27 (R)
    Idaho $1.21 (R)
    Arizona $1.19 (R)
    Kansas $1.12 (R)
    Wyoming $1.11 (R)
    Iowa $1.10 (B)
    Nebraska $1.10 (R)
    Vermont $1.08 (B)
    North Carolina $1.08 (B)
    Pennsylvania $1.07 (B)
    Utah $1.07 29 (R)
    Indiana $1.05 (B)
    Ohio $1.05 (B)
    Georgia $1.01 (R)
    Rhode Island $1.00 (B)
    Florida $0.97 (B)
    Texas $0.94 (R)
    Oregon $0.93 (B)
    Michigan $0.92 (B)
    Washington $0.88 (B)
    Wisconsin $0.86 (B)
    Massachusetts $0.82 (B)
    Colorado $0.81 (B)
    New York $0.79 (B)
    California $0.78 (B)
    Delaware $0.77 (B)
    Illinois $0.75 (B)
    Minnesota $0.72 (B)
    New Hampshire $0.71 (B)
    Connecticut $0.69 (B)
    Nevada $0.65 (B)
    New Jersey $0.61 (B)
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    A couple of things about this, first of all, I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really fail to see the point of this argument. If every state got back exactly what it put in (which would never happen in reality as some would be lost to skim I mean administrative costs), then what would be the purpose of sending anything in at all? By extension what would be the purpose of the union? Just dissolve it at that point. Second, I think the argument is a bit specious in that it is taking a very simplistic view of "money-in / money out", ie taxes sent vs direct federal expenditures. What percentage of those high salaries paid to the NY/NJ financial industry are the result of the direct sovereign power of the federal government of the United States of America? How much money is made by the banks acting as primary dealers, profits that are basically made straight from the government? How many times have these ridiculous financial firms been bailed out by the public and at what cost? Surely some of these things should factor into the overall picture. Some of these red states have extremely small populations such that the tax/spending ratio can be thrown out of whack by a couple of military installations, does it follow then that we should shut down our strategically located missile silos and air bases in North Dakota and move them to Manhattan in the spirit of making things equal?
  5. I don't disagree with the points that you've made but one can also argue that it is socialism for one state to pay more per person.

    I think that student loans are a form of socialism because the government is paying your interests while you are in school and the loan can be forgiven if you work in certain jobs. The thing that amazes me is that my conservative friends in school that are against universal healthcare are taking out federal student loans.

    It seems that we have come to a point where it is socialism when the other party does it.
  6. Correction: Maine is labeled wrong. It is a blue state.
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    all you have to do is click on the link and see how unscientific this thing is.

    look at the comments for driving and education and you will see what a hack job this is.
  8. In addition to all the other shortcomings, there's one politically-incorrect factor you've left out: race. If you break down murder, crime, illiteracy, obesity, teen pregnancy, etc. by race, you'll see why it's so high in Southern red states. (Hint: it's not the mythical white trailer trash.) That's not a racist comment, it's simply a sad fact.

    A thought experiment also refutes this. What if everyone who voted for Bush or a 3rd party could occupy half of America and run it as they please? Assume it's run like a true Constitutional Republic, not a Dole-Bush-McCain compromise.

    All the others can go to socialist utopia, where the few rich can support the other "give me, give me, give me" Obama voters. Which half will be more prosperous in 10 years? Who will pay the bills in Obamaland (to include cap-n-trade, universal health care, everyone goes to college, etc.)?

    There's a reason (and it isn't legal or constitutional) that Obama, Pelosi & Co. would never let this happen...
  9. You're right. These spurious comparisons seem to surface every few months. They don't take into account militaryspending, which is concentrated in red states, military retirements, and, as you note , demographics.

    If the red states are such a financial drain on the rest of the country, you'd think they would be happy to get rid of us. With the way Obama is revealing his marxist colors, I'm pretty sure most red states would be in favor of secession.