Blue states first apology

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jem, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. jem


    As a resident of a blue state let me offer the first apology to all those red state people who had to suffer all the self righteous comments from sophisticated educated blue state liberal idiots.

    Some blue state people are sorry for stealing your all you money in the past and now mortgaging your future with bailouts. We know it is not right to save a arrogant bastard dopes in finance. We also know it is not right we are going to bailout our liberal union buddies.

    We also apologize as a over bloated liberal controlled state budgets which will soon put a greater urden on you.

    to be continued as this really could turn into a big mess.
  2. Lucrum


    Can we expect "reparations"?

  3. WTF are you talking about?

    Did you not get the memo on how Bush/Paulson are f**king over the American Taxpayers of the near and loing term future with 7.4 trillion in welfare to financial institutions?

    Stick your apology up your ass.

  4. jem


    and do you suppose the majority of that taxpayer bailout money will go to red states or the formerly wonderful blue states?

  5. red states are NET welfare recipient states.

    po dunk Alaska is a small kid in the gimme-a-free-lunch red state crowd.

    As the other poster eloquently stated.

    Go fuck your self.

    Anyone who voted for mccain essentially voted for a 3rd bush term.

    satanic maggots.
  6. jem


    the manifestation of liberal Kook aid drinkers.

    You hit them with a comment that that should challenge their worldview - and instead they hit you with their dogma.

    In case you have not been following the news your beloved fricken blue states have just mortgaged the future of the United States perhaps to the point of turning our children into the equivalent of indentured servants.
  7. Hmm where are all the bailout's happening? Liberal Michigan, liberal new york, ect ect ect.

    Hmmm all the democrates want to bailout the auto's and non of the republicans.

    Hmmm i think you mean blue states are the welfare states. Unless you believe red states are actual living organisms that pop out money from the ground giving it's citizens money for free.

    Congrats not only on learning how to think completely illogically but also convincing yourself that your actually somewhat smart.

    Quite a comical feat.

  8. Republicans are like retard children.

    They shit in their pants then need mommy to clean it up.

    of course the retards will not do anything right now. They need mommy.

    And how is the fucking "war on terror" going?

    $1 Trillion and counting spent on no-bid contracts.
  9. hawk24


    A stimulus is such a wonderful obama plan. Lets spend, spend spend some more. M3 be damned. We are going to print money till we run out of trees. We must do a balance transfer to our other credit card to continue long term economic prosperity. HAHAHAHA. You are getting Paulson x 1000 with obama's new deal plans. Obamas also rethinking is tax hike. Lets promise the sky but not deliver. Yes we can ruin this country even more. YES WE CAN.
  10. Lucrum


    Quote from arealpissedgoy:

    "po dunk Alaska is a small kid in the gimme-a-free-lunch red state crowd."

    Actually Alaska's GDP per capita ranks 6th in the US.
    Even funnier, their GDP per capita is significantly higher than Australia's GDP per capita.

    Isn't Australia where arealpissedlittleboy is from?
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