blue horseshoe loves VLO

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by iceman1, Oct 31, 2006.

VLO trades 57.50-60 by XMAS?

  1. oh yeah

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  2. are you crazy with oil lower

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  3. certainly doable

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  4. no

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  1. no reason -- just like today's volume and candle - and being a contrarian -- gotta be long here!

    think it gets marked higher over next 45 days !


  2. dac8555


    i see a head and shoulders down pattern and resistence at 55...i pass.
  3. They reported a decent quarter but 5% earnings beat on 20% revenue beat- that's suspicious.

    Plus refining margins are heading lower again. Range trading at best.
  4. but how wide is the range on this one ? :p
  5. The stock is bearish. It may have 1 to 2 dollar upside, but it has a 10 dollar downside potential.
  6. I think the range will be 48 to 56
  7. VLO

    well will it hit 55 or <50 by expiry?
  8. That's a tough one to answer. The stock is both long and intermediate term BEARISH. It is short term BULLISH. The overall market is long and intermediate term bullish, and short term bearish. This would lead me to believe that the stock won't have much upward movement because it is fighting against the current trend of the market. The stock definitely has more downside potential than it has upward potential. The timing of that potential is anyone's guess.
  9. y, but maybe there will be some rotation counter to st trend
  10. If the Dem's do well in the elections, this name could see short-term pressure. Unless you think we will be going to a 100% electrically powered economy, I can't see how it is not a long term winner. Refineries are scare assets, and they are the biggest.
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