Blue HORSESHOE Loves....CNBC--CHarlie Gasperino---TOTALLY USED TODAY!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BlueStreek, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. I didn`t think that stuff was still possible today, he was used by somebody to get that story out at an interesting time in the market today.....what source????????????Journalists still need sources right?????????
  2. Don't watch CNBC, and I have no idea who Gasperino is. So what's the dirt?
  3. I haven't seen anyone in the financial media who has any challenge or response for what he has to say so, hell, maybe he's right. The financial system is in total collapse and we're all gonna die. And soon. :(
  4. Gasparino's such an egomaniac I'm sure he gets off on tanking the market.
  5. Gas-bag-arino
  6. Daal


    the market tanked because of true concerns that exist on the banking system. if he came out and said apple might file for bankruptcy and create a systemic risk I'm sure everybody would ignore him, dont blame him blame the management of mbia and ambac for not disclosing correct information
  7. Some unnamed source fed him a story and he went on air with it=at a critical time in the trading day=mission accomplished!
  8. he was used? just because he was reporting what his sources were reporting? right....

    gasperino is usually pretty good for reporting. him, santelli, and faber are the only ones i care about on cnbc.
  9. I like Art Cashin the best on that network. He keeps it real with no fluff.
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