Blue Horse Shoe loves FTGX

Discussion in 'Trading' started by optionsplayer, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. Saw this at the top of the most actives list. Every chat room I have been to today mentioning this as "in play." Volume is up today a whopping 10 fold to 32 million.

    Blocks of 1,000,000 shares on the ask price being filled. Something is going on here....

    ......Any gurus around from the bulletin boards care to share insights??
  2. Good point...if you want, I will kill the thread.....I am not trying to peddle anything, I am just getting tired of missing big moves. Since it made it to the top 3 Nasdaq most actives behind CSCO...thought it might be worth mentioning.....
  3. its a classic penny stock move. The company needs to issue equity to stay in business, so it has to get hyped to round up the needed buyers. The buyers don't understand the concept of dilution and get left holding the bag.