Blowups, Spinouts and Fantastic Scores...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stonedinvestor, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. Hi I'd like to just update some portfolio moves so you guys know where I am. & Where I am not....

    My Bad Calls- SIRF still IN, now at breakeven although I did daytrade twice on the rebound and made some $.
    > RACK got blown up. OUT
    >CAMH OUTslight loss.
    >CTEC OUT. Even
    >CMC OUT small loss maybe back in any day.
    >CKXE OUT made twelve hundred never soared.
    >GHDX Broke my heart but left today. Slight profit down from big profit- handled poorly by yours truly.
    >MPEL OUT $1K loss. Not happy about it. When you can't make money on a China/Casino play- something is either wrong with you or the stock. I'm hoping it's the stock.
    >AOB OUT. Made Massive $
    >HMIN Out. Dito
    >TSTC Out. $8/12 to $10 1/2
    >SNIC Out Nice Loss- Options probe.
    >PRXL Out $3 daytrade.
    >TSL My current headache OUT. Stock levitating without me- thought I was smart taking a quick $3 it's up like $13. This was a portfolio crusher for me.

    Everything Else I am Still In Incl...

    > ACH

    *There was a mess up and my TXI never got filled.