Blowing Out Futures Accounts

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  1. Wanted to start a thread for the traders who have the balls to admit that they have blown out their account one time or another. Whether it being a newbie amateur, stuck in huge volatility, being bull-headed on a trade, or just plain emotions to hold a position in hope of it reversing. I myself have learned the hard way the hard knocks hard way of being a golf caddie and blowing up 4 10K futures accounts trading the ES. With each blown out account I take it as an education expense and keep learning how to be discipline and patient. I would love to hear of traders blowing out their accounts to $0 and how much they had in each account and the amount of account blown out..... Patience, Discipline, & education 24/7 and we will eventually not have a blown out account
  2. My Bad...please post the # of accounts blown out also
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    i started in july with 3000, and ended the first day +200 on two trades on QM. huge false sense of security. i then proceeded to bring it down to 2417 by the end of september, where it has remained to this day.

    i've since gone back to sim and am going to give it another go in may when classes are done for the summer.

    and i blew out a $25 FXCM micro account which was up to $44 at one point.
  4. you don't know how to trade, judging by the number, 4. you never will.
    get a job
  5. Oktiri,

    Quitting is for losers. First 2 accounts were blown out while on the golf course gold caddying for the super rich placing orders through an order desk without looking at a chart.... Huge mistake...2 other accounts blown out being a newbie amateur not knowing how to read a chart or what resistant/support levels are.....4 account 10K/each = education....
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    how did you blow out while being an amateur newbie twice?
  7. Wrong. Not education but foolishness. While it seems to happen to most traders, there is absolutely no need to trade a real account to 0.
  8. Based on the number of threads started and the structure of the questions this leads me to one obvious conclusion....

    Get In Get Out = increasenow.
  9. Oh my God... they kid who started 65 threads with the same title - "Has Anyone Actually Made Any Money In The Markets And What Was Your Return And How Long Did It Take You And Can Anyone Trade Successfully'??
  10. Or..."Throwing huge size at the ES, possible ?" :D
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