Blow to confidence? New Globe cover will have "Obama's Gay Lover"

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by wilburbear, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Obama's extramarital fling should pay off big to the first old-style corporate media outlet that covers it.

    CBS, NBC, and ABC news will be extinct in 5 years. One of these dinosaurs should cover this story.
  2. olias


    who cares?
  3. This addresses the moral character of the President.
  4. That will be a death blow to the democrats.
  5. olias


    Not if his wife is cool with it
  6. Odd, just was reading this in the P&R about Newt:

    "Hypocritical true but screwing around isn't a deal breaker for a leader, many great leaders screwed around. I'm not a Newt fan but I could care less how many hides he's tanned.

    But I do like Newt better than a lot of the low IQ conservatives out there. You have to think he would not do something stupid based upon so called principles or messages from god, I think he would be more pragmatic than a lot of those on the right."

    Not my words. From bigarrow.

  7. How else can the right survive w/o making things up? That and powdered wigs.