Blow Off Top Tonight!?!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BlueStreek, May 21, 2008.

Is this the blow-off top for CL?

  1. Yes it is!

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  2. Heck No, CL going to 150!

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  3. Maybe due for a slight consolidation period here, before gradually going higher!

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  4. Who knows, I have been so wrong on CL, I have given up trying to figure this asset out!

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    I vote yes, this looks like the blowoff top right here, the latest move is just too parabolic too sustain any longer term momentum.

    I say lookout below over the next 2 months!!!

    And judging by the number of CL Threads this has to be pretty close to the blowoff top, the funny thing is that they probably could have gone higher if they ran it up much slower, but this fall will burn a lot of longs, who will think twice about getting into this long trade anytime soon---play with fire get burned!!!
  2. Looks like tha guy buying 100 cars all night long its over with his business.... I guess we may hit 133.20 at least
  3. I am going to guess that oil is being run up to $150, which will be the top
  4. Surdo


    Why should $135 be any different than $120 or $100....If you are lucky and don't shit in your pants you will catch a 5 bagger or get stopped out for the 5th time trying to pick the top!
  5. if it goes much higher there may be some kind of government intervention, perhaps getting the Saudis to raise output
  6. LT701


    ummm, you watch the news lately?

    Bush just tried that, and they told him to buzz off
  7. 1. I know the short term top (may become the longer term top. We will see.

    2. If I tell you they will start dirting my threads/posts. So I am now silent.

    3. Who plans to play it with OIL?
  8. load up on options right here 3-5 months out, great risk reward play----lose fixed amount, or great returns.
  9. Div_Arb


    Oil could easily trade to $200 barrel by 2010. Demand is completely inelastic in the short-term, so bend over and grab 'em, folks! By 2010, a viable source of alternative energy could come on line, hybrids could gain traction, who knows.. Top is nowhere near, IMO.
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