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  1. Did anyone see this on 60 minutes?

    I am surprized more people are not talking about this, its impact on our dependence on big oil and mideast.

    There is link to the 60 minutes episode.
  2. It must be ET technology.:D
  3. looked more like an infommercial to me than hard hitting journalism.

    It still needs fuel to run. Though if it can halve energy costs for a house, that's great. But for transportation purposes... I don't see it being a big deal.
  4. S2007S


  5. Bloomenergy certainly has big name blue chip clients - Google, Ebay, Walmart, Staples, Coca Cola...The venture firm that gave seed money to Netscape, Google etc has put in close to $400 million.

    I really hope they make it, for the sake of clean cheap energy.
  6. i hope it works as advertized but it smelled to me like the media tour hype has started for an ipo.
  7. Ebay is running their bloom box on methane and Google is saving half the NG they would normally use by running a BB. You can watch the segment if you doubt me.
  8. I did watch it. Did you read what I wrote?
  9. My bad. :) I read too fast. I missed your last sentence. We agree. :)
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