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    We've all commented for years how bad CNBC is for market coverage. By contrast, Bloomberg used to be the mature big brother and a place you could go to for more sane, balanced, "quieter" financial news and analysis, but nowdays it's becoming more and more CNBC'ish in its tone and coverage. (I still prefer Bloomberg to CNBC, though.) [1]

    That said, I was watching Bloomberg's web streeam at 0830 ET when the jobs number came out. The /ES popped and they were still on a tape delay -- then, when they came back to cover the 'breaking' news they had 10-15 seconds where they re-ran a compilation of voiceovers of their reporters breaking previously horrible numbers BEFORE going live with today's numbers. IMHO that was so totally *not* the way to cover breaking news -- i.e., giving a ton of "fake" numbers before the real ones. (Thank gods I don't trade off the TV lol)

    Le sigh. Bloomberg, what's happening to ye?

    [1] If memory serves, last year they hired an ex-CNBC'er to be their TV director or some-such to compete more directly with CNBC. That may explain much. :(
  2. Bloomberg is shit now, your are correct.

    They are in it for the "Propaganda" and entertainment aspect.
    Go figure, look at the Clown who is named after, Mr. Mayor himself.

    Bottom line, Pro's do not watch that junk. They could care less about CNBC and Bloomberg.

    There are other Internet, real time, breaking news sources for pros.
    The Bloomberg Terminal is a very important tool.

    But not the TV bullshit.

    Scrubs, Clowns, Daytraders, retired people and Unemployed watch CNBC and BLOOMBERG for the most part.
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    IMHO Bloomie started going downhill when they stopped running live coverage of the Asian markets during the week, instead running (and re-running, and re-re-running) their canned programs.

    Still better for a quick-hit on what's happening in the markets than CNBC I think. Maybe. *shrug*

    Still ain't what it used to be, though.
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    who has any interest in some dumb bimbo and 'kenny' who know jack about jack?

    bloomberg employees generally are robots though - tv presenters, terminal reps, etc.

    i will obey.

    i will obey.

    i will obey.

    traders are gods, i remember wanting to be one but i could only get a job at bloomberg.

    i will obey.

    i work for bloomberg so i am the best.

    traders are gods.

    does not compute, does not compute, self destruct, self destruct........piff.
  5. I know. They changed about a year ago. I can't them stand them now either. They need to lose those 2 drama queen guys they have on now.
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    which news sources do you prefer?