Bloomberg warns US jobless riots

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  1. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg takes every opportunity these days to mention what he says are two major problems facing the country’s economy: enormous public debt and high unemployment. But on the radio show he appears on with John Gambling on Friday mornings, Mr. Bloomberg took his comments further than usual.

    “You have a lot of kids graduating college can’t find jobs,” he said in response to a question about the poverty rate. “That’s what happened in Cairo. That’s what happened in Madrid,” he continued, referring to the uprising that overthrew President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and the more recent protests against the Spanish government’s austerity measures. “You don’t want those kinds of riots here.”
  2. We Should Teach Egyptian Revolution in our Schools....


    The priority in what should be taught currently is "gay" accomplishments thoughout history as CA DOE leads the way. Checkback in a couple thousand years.
  3. I have a big problem with this whole liberal democrat elitist idea that people need jobs.

    They just can't conceive of a country where most people are in business for themselves.

    Most laid off factory workers have personal skills which far surpass those they were required to use at the factory.

    It's that whole Das Kapital crap all over again. They only understand a world that has been built by capitalism. They don't understand how to build a world.

    They don't even know where their payckecks come from, and they spend all day complaing that the people who pay them aren't doing it right.

    They are elitists. They went to college and think anybody who didn't must be stupid and need their help.

    Now what are they going to do when college grads can't get jobs? Blame it on the educational system?

    For someone who loves the government, they sure do blame it a lot for not doing enough.
  4. Remember how we raised kids self esteem in school, Then they graduate and want to start at the top, be a boss. Fast food and other business's changed job titles and everyone is a "manager" a "shift leader". Well guess what, starting at the top is not good enough anymore, people want to skip the "job" part and go straight to retirement and not work.
  5. More elitism. Once I had a job with a construction crew. My job title was "the gopher" because all I did was go get things for people who knew how to construct. It was a great job. I delivered bids, went to the lumber yard and never had to actually work.

    Then some big guy took over and demanded that they stop calling me the gopher because he thought it was degrading.

    The only one who made me feel degraded was him because everyone else knew the value of a gopher but he thought it was a low level job which needed a new name so that I would have self esteem.
  6. I agree with Oldtime.

    Middle Easterns that come over here and start their own little convenience store in a ghetto neighborhood have got more business sense than most Americans.

    You can either work in somebody elses system and help make them rich or come up with your own.
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    So, "just start a business" when you lose your factory job? The fact that 90% of the people are living paycheck to paycheck in order to service the debt they have accumulated by buying (fill in the blank) that they didn't "need" but made their crappy existence in the factory seem like life was worth living?

    I just talked to a potential client the other day, his sales have declined from a peak of 1.9m to the current year level of 600k. On top of that his margins are being squeezed by rising component prices and the inability to raise pricing to compensate.

    So, "Joe six pack" who has no savings and is in debt up to his eyeballs paying for a house he can't afford, a pair of jet skis and a pick up truck that cost him more than he made in a year is supposed to "just start a business"???? Where is he going to get the capital? If established businesses are suffering, how are new entrants in that line of business going to be successful?

    I am not being a "defeatist", I am just looking at reality.
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    I believe Bloomberg is worried about the wrong people. He says College kids are going to riot?

    Think about this; A LOT of manufacturing jobs have been lost in the past three/four years. In my state of Tennessee we lost over 65,000 manufacturing jobs. Many of the people working these jobs were in their 40's and 50's, just solid blue collar workers who suddenly find themselves unemployed in a market that no longer needs them.

    Retrain? Why? The "new jobs created" is not even keeping up with population growth. These old people will be competing with people half their age for the same entry level work.

    I think Bloomberg had better be concerned with the guy who is 55 years old, lost his home & savings and knows he will never work again. He knows he is going to die homeless on the street somewhere.
    People with nothing to lose are even more dangerous than the youth who still have a long life ahead of them.

    One determined old fart with nothing left to lose could be a real threat.
  9. Most of the time social issues due to wealth have to be completely one sided to ignite unrest. For the most part Americans are a tolerant peoples. There is a enough social controls and mass surviellence to contain a macro issue. There be the occasional outburst. But the containment system end it quickly. Case in point the flash mobning that occured in cities in the East coast was only topical for a short time. What is seen here in the states is a random act here and there. Europe on the other hand has major cultural differences, long history of babarism, language diffences, a hodge podge of an economy, and a too tightly control trade agreements. When was the last time you heard about a chinese factory opening up in the of the Blackforest. The have an non competitve arrogant manner most of the time. Walmart has tried several times to enter the Euro market and each time they meet alot of resistence. Europe is a pedogogy the US is not

    Welcome to Neo Feudalism,
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