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    In Bloomberg, we have front month futures data for oil called 'CL1', where Bloomberg rolls from one front futures contract to another for you. How does this compare w. what Reuters has to offer? Has anyone come across this?

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    Reuters 3000 Xtra is the premier package for energy futures. You can view individual contracts or the entire curve. Also, ease of use is great and very solid support staff.

    You can also overlay the pricing of any security over another with their charting. Not to mention that you can drag data directly from the screen and it drop it in excel and excel will even populate the cells in real time.

    Pretty powerful if you ask me.
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    Sounds good...but

    The major issue is that the intra-day or tick by tick data is reliable. We want to see that the volume traded all the way up to the market close adds up to the total volume traded published. Same thing for the price intra-day.
  4. Saying Reuters has an edge over Bloomberg in terms of listed futures pricing data is nonsense. Bloomberg offers exactly the same access to all listed contracts than Reuters. No more no less.

    The differences, in my opinion, come mostly into play when focusing on charting and news.

    Reuters has got a clear edge in terms of charting. Their charting module is pretty advanced at least the one that comes with Xtra3000. I forgot but they bought a charting vendor some time ago not sure of the name. Bloomberg is trying to catch up and offers a lot more functionalities than before. Some proprietary studies (Demark and the like) are only available in BBG, though I dont want to bet they cannot be added to the Reuters package. What I love about BBG charting is that you left click on the chart and move it in any direction you want. If ANYONE sees this in another charting platform please tell me but I cannot find it elsewhere and really love it for quick and dirty chart displaying.

    Another issue is the news. In Bloomberg you can obviously add any sort of news at extra cost but the basic news is limited to real-time econ releases and their standard BBG newsroom reporting which is not of any advantage if you ask me. Reuters news is a lot more targeted, specific, on-time.

    Well, if you have preference for charts and news go with Reuters for sure, if you look at an all round package BBG is the way to go, period. One thing though in the end: If you look for historical data, especially intraday, forget BBG, they are horrible. I asked them many times why they dont make historical intraday data available longer than just 30 days. THey said they dont have them. Can you believe that? One of the top data services did not care to archive their data? Hard to believe but seems to be the case otherwise they would have made money off those data long time ago.

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    Odd, but I don't recall saying that or even hinting at that in my response...
  6. so maybe i misunderstood your comment of Xtra3000 being the "premier package for energy futures"? Not sure then what you mean with that...Xtra3000 can show every listed futures price traded under the sun. So does BBG. What do you mean?

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    Apparently so, because I simply meant that Reuters is the total package and has features not shared with BBG. That was the point in me briefly describing the product.
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    Thx for all ur responses. Two things

    1. The central issue is how clean the intra-day data is BBG vs. Reuters. If Reuter's tick by tick data is not adding up to what is published on the Exchange for the settlmt price and final volume traded, that's the issue. Getting 30Day of clean data beats getting 100+ days of data not adding up for what we're looking at.

    2. What proprietary studies in BBG are you referring to?
  9. intrday bbg data on listed products is squeaking clean. I know it because I feed bbg real-time data into my options pricer all the time and traded prop professionally before I start up my own shop. I still use bbg now but other services for data purposes.

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    product issues aside, reuters is the company to deal with.

    i cant stand the arrogance of bloomberg. i refuse to deal with them, especially as their products are not as advanced as they seem to believe.
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